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"Hi Ruth - your book Self Publish Worldwide was extremely helpful to me. You took the terror out of self-publishing and gave me the confidence to go ahead and publish my first novel. You write like you are talking face to face with no nonsense - you inspired me to get off my bum and just do it!
You gave so many options and contact names and addresses and answered all questions as I thought of them, it was great.
I even created a webpage and started a blog page.
Thank you so much."

Helen Quinn

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I'm Ruth Barringham, a writer and published author from Brisbane Australia. I've been working as a writer since 1995 and believe me, getting published was a lot harder back then than it is now because the internet was still in its infancy.

But now I earn my living - my whole income - working from home as a self published writer.

So I Know What I'm Talking About.

And you don't have to listen to just me.

You only have to look around the internet to find hundreds of stories of millionaire self published authors:

An ebook editor recently posted online "I also have a lady who bangs out some decent "how to" books in several genres and currently has 27 titles on SmashWords and Amazon. She just bought a 300 acre farm - cash - with six months worth of ebook income."

J A Konrath has sold over 500,000 ebooks and says "While I love bookstores, and the traditional publishing world, I've discovered that I can have greater control over my work, and make more money, by releasing my ebooks and print books on my own. This also means I can write more novels and stories per year."

Amanda Hocking is another well-known indie success story. She wrote a handful of novels, and in just over a year she was selling over 100,000 ebooks/month on Amazon, which equates to over $600,000 a year.

Self published author H Jackson Brown wrote and published "Life's Little Instruction Book" which hit the New York Time's best seller list and sold over 5 million copies.

And self published author John Locke wrote a book called "How I Sold 1 Million Ebooks In 5 Months" which I think speaks for itself without any further need of explanation.

And these authors aren't alone. There are plenty of other success stories such as

...with thousands of others joining them on an almost daily basis.

Of course I'm not saying that if you self publish all your books, you'll have the same mega success that they've had...but it's absolutely possible.

And all it takes to get started is to publish just one book, and from there you can do almost anything.

But I don't want to give you a load of hype like some sales pages do, and throw lots of useless adjectives at you like "money-sucking," "awesome," or "unbelievable." Self publishing is a serious subject and not one to be taken lightly because many self published authors are earning serious money from their book sales and are able to quit their jobs and write full time.

I also don't want you to think that self publishing is a get-rich-quick scheme because it's not. It takes time to write a good book (full of epic writing, as they say). It's easy to write a bad or mediocre book, but who wants to do that? You also have to organize a great book cover for your book and publish it.

It isn't difficult, but you need to know where to start and how to do it and Self-Publish Worldwide will help you do just that. There are many different ways to self publish your book and Self Publish Worldwide lays them all out for you, simply and completely, so you can decide which suits you.

And once you've published a book and you have your publishing systems in place, you can do it over and over again faster and easier.

Marketing is also another extremely important part of self publishing a book, so you need to get it right. And you're going to learn how to do it all freely and simply. After all, you've already written a whole book so writing up your marketing material should be a breeze.

So get ready...

You're about to learn everything you need to start publishing your books fast.


"Self-Publish Worldwide is the most comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to self publishing I have ever read. Unlike many other books on the topic, this one truly is international and makes it easy for authors anywhere to get their books published. Ruth Barringham covers everything from how to get an ISBN code, how to get a book to distributors and into stores and even how to write the press release and get reviews for your book.
I am now using her book myself and would heartily recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about self-publishing. With this book you can stop dreaming of becoming a published author and actually become one."

Dawn Copeman


"This is a concise, no-fluff guide to the main methods for self publishing your book in hard copy form, including POD (print on demand) and subsidy publishing. A successful author and self publisher, Ruth has "been there and got the tee-shirt", and in her new manual she includes lots of invaluable advice based on her personal experience. Highly recommended."

Nick Daws
Freelance Writer




"There's a whole lot of advice out there on how to publish your book, make it available to readers worldwide, and promote it. Some of it's good and some of it's bad. Who has time to sort through all of that?
Fortunately, Ruth Barringham did, so now you don't have to.
Just read Self-Publish Worldwide. She's been through the process and she tells you how, in very clear steps that are easy to understand and follow, without hemming, hedging, or wasted words.
If you've written a manuscript, or a dozen, this book is your blueprint for self-publishing success. "

Michael LaRocca, three-time EPPIE finalist and editor for Twilight Times Books


“If you want an easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to the often bewildering world of self-publishing, then Self-Publish Worldwide is a must.
I thought I knew a fair bit about self-publishing until I came across Self-Publish Worldwide.
Ruth Barringham's experience with learning the ins and outs of self-publishing and then applying that knowledge means she knows exactly what she’s talking about.
This guide is now my self-publishing ‘bible’!"

Veronica Rose
Writer and editor from Queensland, Australia

There's a plethora of guides on the market now about how to publish books. But most of them only tell you part of the story like how to publish an ebook (there are hundreds of books on this subject alone) or how to publish with just one company. For instance, there are now hundreds of books solely on how to publish a book just for the Amazon Kindle.

And you may want to know what's wrong with that, so I'll tell you.

Firstly you're only learning part of the puzzle. Just because you know how to publish an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, doesn't mean you know much about publishing other types of books/ebooks. To be able to publish books you need to have a clear understanding of the whole publishing process and how it all works.

Secondly, online companies change their policies and terms and conditions at the drop of a hat. So just because someone reprints this information in another book, it doesn't mean that it's up-to-date.

This means that even if you've read an ebook about how to publish a book with one particular company, you will still have to go to the company's web site to make sure the information you just read is accurate.

What's the point of reading the same information twice?

A third reason these kind of guides are wrong is that by filling page after page with a rehash of company policies, they are simply trying to fill up space with regurgitated material that is already freely available online. So why should you pay to read it?

Self Publish Worldwide Won't Waste Your Time With All That.

This newly revamped and updated guide provides you with an easy to comprehend, basic understanding of how the online self publishing companies operate. This quick overview allows you to choose which company is best for you AND it provides links directly to each company to you can read for yourself the most up-to-date information for free.

You are going to learn SO MUCH in Self Publish Worldwide and you'll be amazed at how well it's all set out and how easy it is to understand.

Amongst other things you're about to discover:

You'll also find a huge jargon-busting list of publishing terminology, all laid out alphabetically so all the words/phrases are easy to find if you need to look them up again.

Just look at the following Table of Contents to see the wealth of information that will be yours to keep:

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Once you download your own copy of Self Publish Worldwide, you'll find that it's so jam-packed with useful information that with just one quick read through it will give you a intrinsic, working understanding about how to publish any book, including:

Self Publish Worldwide makes the whole self publishing process SO EASY.

It uncomplicates things so much that you'll be able to publish your ebook today!

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And because it's possible to write a book a month (courses like How to Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less prove this), you can publish twelve books a year! That means in five years time you can be the author of up to 60 published books.

Earning a 6-figure income from writing books used to be an impossible dream to most writers. But for many it's now their reality.

And now you're about to join them and publish every book you write quickly, affordably, and make it available worldwide.

Just follow the steps set out in this book and before you know it, you'll be a published author.



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Ruth Barringham

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